10 best places to visit in Scotland


hills that roll. magnificent castles. relaxed bars with live music and dancing. Without a doubt, Scotland is among the most magnificent destinations on earth. From climbing in the Scottish Highlands to sipping whisky in local distilleries, there are many things to admire about this little nation.

How could you not love a nation where the unicorn is the national animal, after all? In response, you couldn’t. There are many attractions in this enchanted place that simply must be seen. Is it possible to accommodate them all? Here are our insider recommendations for the top Scottish destinations to help you out.

Ben Nevis

Visit Ben Nevis, the tallest peak in Britain, located in the northwest Highlands of Scotland. The Gaelic name for the mountain is “mountain with its head in the clouds,” so hike up to its mist-covered peaks.

Millions of years ago, Ben Nevis was an active volcano that erupted and collapsed in on itself, leaving behind a distinctive landscape of ridges and light-colored granite at the peak.

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest spots to visit in Scotland, whether your goal is to hike the Mountain Track or just stop for a picture op and a chance to admire the magnificent mountain.

The king of them all is Ben Nevis. The well-known summit, which is located in the Grampian Mountain range in the north-west Highlands close to Fort William, draws 125k hikers annually. Whether you’re a passionate hiker or you simply enjoy stunning scenery, climbing ‘the Ben’ is probably at the top of your list of things to do in Scotland.

Ben Nevis, an enormous active volcano that erupted and collapsed inward on itself millions of years ago, is an old behemoth of the country. Granite with a bright color is remnants of an explosion found at the peak. Because of its recognizable mist-shrouded peak, the word itself has two meanings from the ancient Gaelic language: “venomous mountain” or “mountain with its head in the clouds.” You can choose which meaning you prefer after the climb.

Skye Island

The Isle of Skye is an island worth seeing because of its unmatched natural beauty and quaint settlements where you can spend the night resting your head.

Skye is renowned for its legendary and immaculate views, such as the towering mountain peaks of Sgùrr Alasdair or the tumbling waterfalls of the Fairy Pools, which have vivid blue and green waters. Of course, a visit to the famous Eilean Donan castle—famous for its roles in James Bond, Highlander, Made of Honour, and other films—is a must-do when visiting Skye. It holds historical significance in the Jacobite Rising.

If you want to feel a little bit of that traditional Scottish charm, spend a night at one of the vibrant Portree Harbor’s neighborhood pubs, the Isle of Skye Brewing Company, or Talisker Distillery.

Off the coast of mainland Scotland lies the Isle of Skye. Skye, the largest and most well-known of the Inner Hebrides, is well-known for its wildlife, history, and natural beauty.

The original and most established website that represents Skye is called IsleofSkye.com. Owners and operators are Skye Web Design, who are native to the island and operate out of our office in Portree.

In order to assist visitors to Skye with lodging and trip planning, we are always working to expand and improve the website. We provide a list of nearby companies that provide lodging, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, self-catering cottages, and campgrounds. To assist guests in finding things to do on Skye, we have a list of Attractions and Activities as well.

Park National Cairngorms

Cairngorms, the biggest national park in the UK, has everything one may expect, along with a few more surprises. The park is home to many of the traditional Scottish Highland features, such as rivers, waterfalls, mountains, lush green woods, and an abundance of wildlife. It’s just exquisite. However, you may also visit distilleries, villages, and boutique hotels within the park.

While there are attractions to be found in every season (hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter), October is unquestionably one of the greatest times to visit the Cairngorms because it brings a sea of purple heather to the once-green moorlands’ hills and valleys.


Is there a pattern here? Inverness is yet another fantastic destination in the Scottish Highlands. This peaceful city is well-known for its old castles, cathedrals, and neighboring natural landmarks like the River Ness and the Ness Islands.

Inverness Castle, built of red sandstone, offers a glimpse into this region’s past. It provides insight into the life of the renowned Mary Queen of Scots and the Jacobite Rising, along with its intriguing medieval past.

Munlochy Clootie Well is a little bit out of town if you want to see something genuinely unique. with Celtic regions, a Clootie Well is a site of pilgrimage where springs or wells encircled by trees are covered with rags or cloth as part of a healing ceremony.

In relation to healing practices, did you know that Scotland has a gin spa? Their assortment of high-end gins, herbal tonics, and soothing spa services are renowned for curing a wide range of sins!

A city in the Scottish Highlands, Innerness (Scots: Innerness; from the Scottish Gaelic: Inbhir Nis, meaning “Mouth of the River Ness”) was awarded city status in 2000.It is recognized as the capital of the Highlands and serves as The Highland Council’s administrative hub.

William Fort

When it comes to European destinations, Fort William has got to be one of the most photogenic. Wispy mountain tops and the luscious Loch Eil wink back as you drive in. It’s a super memorable sight, not least cause for Fort William’s unwritten title as the Outdoor Capital of the UK.

Of course, the mountain range would be Ben Nevis, offering the UK’s highest peak. And with mountains, hills and lakes on offer for day trippers, there are endless activities to chase! Think exhilarating water sports, mountain climbing, fishing, or cross-country cycling.

Stirling Castle

For centuries, Scotland has benefited greatly from Stirling Castle, which was formerly the residence of Mary Queen of Scots. It is perched on top of the massive, jagged Castle Hill, which served as a barrier against invaders for a long time. These days, the extra height just provides Stirling Castle visitors with an amazing vista. So prepare your cameras!

Of course, a castle’s cliffside site becomes less advantageous when it is under siege, as Stirling Castle was eight times throughout its history. Within walking distance of the roaring River Forth, you can learn everything about these momentous historical events by taking a guided tour of the castle grounds.

Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park

The Trossachs National Park is unquestionably for you if you adore lochs. There are an incredible 22 lochs spread over this vast region of highlands, glens, and forests, so you’re never far from your early-morning swim! The largest of the lot, and the largest in the United Kingdom, is Loch Lomond, which stretches more than 70 kilometers northward into the Scottish Highlands. Nearby are the 900+ meter peaks of Ben Lomond, making it one of the most visited places in Scotland with over 4 million tourists annually.

You’ll go on a guided hike through this area on Contiki’s Highlands Hiking trip, with many of pauses along the way to see red deer interact with the forest. If you make the journey, keep an eye out for beautiful black grouse, golden eagles, and bushy-tailed red squirrels. Happily, the excursion ends with a typical Scottish dinner and live music at a bar in Glasgow. Let’s face it, nothing beats the satisfaction of a satisfying pub supper and a pint at the conclusion of a climb, is there not?

Beach Luskentyre

Unbelievably white sand. The turquoise sea. A rich, wooded landscape. That’s the mental picture travellers leave with after visiting Luskentyre Beach, on the west coast of South Harris.

The beauty on this sandy beach is outstanding, with the hotels and camping grounds in the area attracting every type of person; from high-profile celebs swapping the paparazzi for a bit of solitude, to families and groups of friends.

Named as one of the top-25 beaches on the planet, it’s far to say Luskentyre Beach is a must-visit attraction when you’re up in bonnie wee Scotland. Look out for wild ponies (including two famous ones) and head to the waterside to spot otters, seals, and dolphins!

Islands on the West Coast

The West Coast offers breathtaking views despite the occasional chill. This six-island archipelago off the northwest coast of Scotland is joined by causeways and ferries that resemble stepping stones. Why not pay them all a visit at once?

While Isle of Lewis is arguably the most well-known of the West Coast islands, the Isle of Barra boasts one of the most unusual airports in the world, with planes landing on its seashore runway. There are many unique sites to see and accommodations to choose from, such as the 1800s town of Gearannann Blackhouses, which has been conserved historically.

To fully experience Victoriana, rent out one of the classic blackhouses! In addition to offering workshops, these thatched houses teach Harris Tweed weaving. Contiki will soon be offering this experience on an active vacation, so check out their entire Scotland catalog if you’re interested.

Andrews St.

St Andrews, a beach town with traditional Scottish charm, is a must-see location when visiting this stunning nation. Visits to the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral and St. Rule’s Tower, Craigtoun Country Park, and the 13th-century St. Andrews Castle are some of the top activities in this location, which is also well-known for its historic sites.

However, St Andrews is also renowned for its contemporary experiences, which stand in stark contrast to the stunning old sites. St Andrews Botanic Gardens, The Byre theater, locally created artisan beers at the St Andrews Brewing Co., and more are nearby. The nicest thing about this town is that you may unwind with a stroll along the gorgeous West Sands Beach after a long day of sightseeing.

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